December 23, 2008

Enrique Chagoya's Talk

Personally, Enrique Chayoya's presence in the Art Department was a refreshing and renovating experience for me. Since the beginning of his lecture, I felt connected, engaged, and somewhat identified with his career evolution and life experiences. I just loved that, despite the fact that he is been living in the United States for several years, his personality still reflects a unique perspective and reveals some of his own Mexican roots. An example of this was the smooth pace and length of his lecture, specially at the beginning when he started narrating the life events that made him become what he is now: 1.An artist, and 2. A person engaged with political issues. Thanks to this introduction about him and his life experiences, the works (slides) he presented throughout his presentation were strong and easy to understand and appreciate. I also enjoy how confident he was and how good he was as a story teller. Being able to talk about your own life, work and interests through a nice accessible tale, is an element that make people feel less distant from the artist who is talking to you. I really admire this.
On the other hand, I also enjoyed the fact that he showed his early work, and not only the work he has recently done or his "famous work". I consider that, specially in an academic context like ours, showing different samples and stages of work is very valuable.

December 19, 2008

Enrique Chagoya

I imagine it would be difficult for someone who has had such a vast career as Enrique has to decide what to include in his artists talk. I thoroughly enjoyed his relaxed approach to presentation and his ability as a storyteller. He definatley took me on a journey through his past and through the history of Mexico. My favorite story was the one he told about deciding to become an artist. He was engaging, funny and confident in his presentation. It was evident he had been doing this for a long time but he still had a sense of enthusiasm which is essential.

However, he went well over an hour and a half and no matter how fascinating someone is that is too long. You could feel the audience start to squrim and people started leaving. An artists talk should be no more than an hour max and with a question period at the end.

Thank you


November 7, 2008

Enrique Chagoya

Enrique Chagoya creates complex imagery based on the human (mind) experience. Within his compositions, viewers discover the changing nature of culture. He juxtaposes cultural realities that he pulls from stereotypes surrounding Mexican Culture, American popular culture, pre-Columbian mythology, and western religious iconography. Drawing ideas from these diverse sources, his satirical and humorous packed works presents us with how our perceptions are dictated by the media.

Chagoya’s artist talk reflected the personality of his artwork. He often used humor when explaining the components within a single piece. In other moments, his tone was a bit more series especially when the work confronted us with forgotten and buried cultural histories. And when the imagery was overloaded with opposites, he admitted, “Sometimes I don’t even know what they [the artworks] mean...“ I was interested in these juxtapositions as they point towards shared cultural experiences and confusions.

Considering the political veins, Enrique’s talk allowed the audience to get into his process of creating controversial work. Throughout the talk, his excitement about investigating history, myth, and personal experience was clear from his early appropriations based on Goya’s work to his latest book pages. The number of early works could be minimized to keep within the sixty-minute timeframe, but overall the information was clearly delivered with enthusiasm.

November 4, 2008

Enrique Chagoya talk

I thought that Enrique's talk started off a little slow but ended well. It was really nice to see his references in relation with his own work. I also enjoyed that when he wanted to point out details he could zoom in on certain images. However some of his images seemed to be cropped from the start. I thought that he was able to keep the audience interested throughout his talk, and I really enjoyed his story telling. I would say that compared to the other artist that we had he was one that really had a strong presentation. I did not feel like any image or any explanation was irrelevant. I also really enjoyed his explanations they were clear and easy to see in his work. One complaint that has more to do with the space of the presentation, it was warm and crowded. Other than that it was refreshing to attend a well performed lecture.

November 3, 2008

Enrique Chagoya review

I really enjoyed Enrique Chagoya's talk on Thursday night. I found him to be a great storyteller as well as a scholar He would go off subject a bit here and there but I didn’t feel as though I was getting cheated for anything. I like when works of art have a story behind them, whether its content related or a highway road kill disaster. The talk did however run a bit long. And I’m not sure if it was due to being in the spill over seating but a few of his images seemed to be cropped off. All and all I feel as though it was one of the best talks this year.

October 20, 2008

Due November 14th

This assignment requires that you attend a public talk and write a review.

This is an extension of our examination of the critique as it relates to the artist's talk. Your review comments on the way the speaker conveys her/his ideas as well as your critique of the content of the talk.

While listening to what the art critic or artist is communicating, observe the way that the speaker has organized her/his talk and approached the presentation of her/his ideas.

Post your 250 - 500 word review on the blog.

You may choose to attend either of these talks.

Artist Enrique Chagoya will be a visiting artist at UMN. His talk is scheduled for
7 pm, Thursday October 30, In-Flux, Regis Center for Art.

Art Critic Claire Bishop will be speaking at the Walker Art Center at 7pm, Thursday October 30 in the Cinema.