October 20, 2008

An Interview with Clare Bishop - 10/24

Read Jennifer Roche's Socially Engaged Art, Critics and Discontents: An Interview with Claire Bishop published in the reading room within the community arts network.

Post a comment to this reading that includes your responses to the following:

I. After considering Claire Bishop's analysis of the aesthetic and the ethical, describe your view of the relationship of these two attributes.

II. Select a term of interest to you and discuss how you consider this concept in relationship to your work.

Some of the terms introduced in the article include:

collaborative practices






authorial status

... term of your choice

October 2, 2008

Against Interpretation ~ Susan Sontag

In the essay that she published in 1963, "Against Interpretation" Susan Sontag, presents a historical flow of the shifting relationship of the experience or art and the interpretation of art, in effect stating that interpretation had become "the intellect's revenge upon art."

September 19, 2008

The Mediated Sensorium part 1


This is the first section of the chapter, The Mediated Sensorium written by Caroline A. Jones, editor of Sensorium: Embodied Experience, Technology, and Contemporary Art

September 13, 2008

Time Travels

This chapter is excerpted from Time Travels by Elizabeth Grosz.

Titled, The Nature of Culture, it explores what contemporary feminist philosopher Elizabeth Grosz describes as

" ...the ways in which time, movement, change, the irresistible push to the future - as fundamental biological and material forces - affect culture ..."

"... the ways in which nature does not contain culture but induces it to vary itself, to evolve, to develop and transform in ways that are not predictable in advance."

Continuing with our exploration of new and renewed modes of perception and our inquiry into the construction and perhaps transformation of the studio critique:

- select two concepts introduced in this reading

- post a new entry in the 9/19 weekly blog assignment category

- comment on how these ideas influence your thinking about the process of studio critique