October 1, 2008


Jones writes, 'In conjunction with the visuality historians have charted as characteristic of the modern, we should begin to reckon with the auditory, the ollactory, and the tactile as similarly crucial sites of embodied knowledge. The resulting set of experiences can be called a sensorium: the subject's way of coordinating all of the body's perceptual and proprioceptive signals as well as the changing sensory envelope of the self.'

Many artists are creating work that mediates the viewers' senses. Becoming more in tune with the subtle and direct ways installations, videos, and environments arouse the senses is important to fully experience the work. In relationship to the ideas presented in the reading, Carsten Holler's work immediately enters my mind. He is a master at engaging the viewer's mind & body. He has created several multi-dimensional installations that cause disorientation and create awareness of the viewers sensorium. In 2004 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Marseille, Höller created amazing installations within on overall exhibition installation. Works included a geometric black and white wall painting, a hotel room, a film of a forest and another of a dancer, a wall of flashing coloured lights, a tank of salty water and a sequence of sliding doors.If your interested, his work can be found at:

I'm interested in returning to creating work that is intersensorial. By this I mean, work that is a multi-directional interaction of the senses and of the sensory idealogies. Pink Feathers is a sculpture which encompasses some of these thoughts.

September 26, 2008

The senSEs

Depending on the situation i make an effort to omit the senses as well as enliven them. What i and others feel and think are important, however i do find that the senses can get in the way of a creative drive. Just so i clarify myself when i say "senses" i am only referring to the brain and its ability to try and make "sense" out of everything (this is a funny play on words).

How do i augment my senses with technology. If by augment you mean enhance i must say that technology is my devils advocate. For and against these systems, i engage and protest its abilities. Technology enlivens the senses as well as dulls them. Why do i say this? I say this because i find myself forgetting that birds live outside not in cages, animals need trees not suburbs and not everyone has the same engagement with technology as i.

In reference to the senses, what would i like to experience: another dimension, human compassion, aurora, rocky mountains, blue water, cleaner air, honesty, clear skies, smiles, grand canyon, poppies, clean water, rain, thunder, sunrises,sunsets, mars, contact with aliens, willie nelson up close, blue ridge mountain mornings and finally kick ass art. There is more however i would fill the entire blog with my blabber.

ps if i posted this entry twice i'm sorry


September 25, 2008

Reflections on the Mediated Sensorium

Caroline A. Jones's chapter, the Mediated Sensorium will be posted in sections in the Readings category over the next few weeks.

(This chapter is excerpted from Sensorium: embodied experience, technology and contemporary art which is edited by Caroline A. Jones and published by MIT Press.)

The chapter discusses sensory perception including olefactory, echolocation, VisiTextual, psychosensorial and the technological mediation of our human sensorium.

In your Reflection, would you describe:

- how you engage your senses in the production of your work.

- the ways in which you augment your senses with technology

- an example of an existing or an imagined enhanced sensory perception that you would like to experience