Assignment #2


Our assignment was to create a winter themed mind map, select three subcategories to further explore, and to come up with ten non-reality bound inventions from our mind map.

This is my map:


It's a pretty standard map, however there's one offshoot that I'd like to elaborate on. This subgrouop is called "That Feel." This describes the personal warm, fuzzy, christmas feeling I get when winter comes. I'm not sure if everyone gets this feeling, but I imagine it's what the "Christmas spirit" is. Either way, I tried to make some connections to it by seeing what comes to mind when I imagine that feeling. A culmination of these (coziness, the feeling of new, family, love, recursive) all provide me with those Christmas fuzzies.

This is why for the first subgroup I chose this idea of "That Feel." I also chose "Cold" and "Sales." Cold I chose because it to me seems like it will take the route of fashion. I also chose sales because it might lead to the area of department stores and marketing layouts.

10 Ideas:

1. Fire Gloves


These handheld flame-tossers would be perfect for melting your way through a deep patch of snow, or clear off your sidewalk and driveway. Possible hazards include 3rd degree burns and a new form of neo fire-bullying.

2. Chocolate Mugs


What's the one thing that can make egg nog any better?! That's right, Booze! And what's the one thing that can make even that better?! An edible white chocolate cup! As you drink the cup down, feel free to break off pieces of the cup and dip it in the drink! Considerations include messy hands and increased use of coasters.

3. Sled Shoes


Step aside snowboarding, this new toy takes carpet sliders to the extreme! Sled shoes are two, roughly foot sized mini-snowboards that essentially act as if you're magically sliding down the slope on your feet. New tricks and hilarious youtube falls anticipated.

4. Icicle Guillotine


Large icicles can be dangerous when hanging from your house (after all, you'll shoot your eye out kid!). The icicle guillotine allows for people on the grounds to safety chop down icicles from their gutters.

5. Secret Breath Pen


This toy plays on the idea of writing on foggy car windows with your finger and having it show back up when it fogs up later. The breath pen would be essentially a finger, but with stylish tips and stamps. The drawing could be made invisibly and then revealed when the drawer breathes on the window. Kids love to breath on things.

6. Light Gun


The light gun saves you hours of putting up lights by literally shooting lights on to your house, eliminating breaking out the pesky old ladder. The light gun can project your Christmas lights (almost) safely over 40 feet. Being a man just got that much cooler.

7. Snowball Gatlin


Every 10 year old's dream. The Snowball Gatlin Gun can turn a pile of snow into 50 snowballs and fire them all in under 8 seconds with snow reaching speeds upwards to 80mph. Swiveling action perfect for those outnumbered battles. Ages 3+.

8. Heated Snowsuit


This snowsuit takes the idea of a heating blanket and brings it to wearable use. A battery operated, heated core would keep the wearer warm all over. This could be great for long day treks, as well as keep hypothermia at bay for a lost hiker.

9. Cuddle-Me App


The Cuddle-Me app finds people around you who just want to cuddle up nicely around the Christmas season. Everyone likes having a cuddle buddy, especially at that time of year. Hot chocolate and a fire encouraged, strictly cuddling permitted only. Don't make it one of those kind of things.

10. Smelly Paintings


This idea I thought of when I thought about the different dates that people go on during the winter months. I thought about an art museum and how if there was some way to incorporate smell into the paintings, it would more so pull the viewer into the work. It's kind of like those movie theaters that have smell or mist. An open field could have the smell of prairie grasses blow lightly from the painting.

While many of these are not exactly realistic or practical, they could prove hold key ideas that could impose on similar concepts down the road.


Hi Mac,
If you are whom I think you are, it was nice working with you at improv. A few comments: Your initial mind map was a bit hard to read. Kuddos for using winter coloring though. Some of your ideas are funny, a few are even practical! I would include an outer liner for the chococup. Some museums are doing the smell thing, if in a different way than your are showing. The lights gun can go wrong, very fast, unless it shot out velcro, and there were velcro receivers strategically placed around the eaves. Sled shoes are great! I also really liked some of your descriptions. Neo-bullying!

From what I can see in your mind map, it looks like you used a nice amount of imagery. If only we could see the details in the photo! The image is way to small and blurry to see what you expanded on in your winter topics. There is a real personality that is coming through in the way you have documented this blog post and it feels like designing these "silly" products was something you are comfortable with. Although some of the products were considerably unrealistic, you still thought of them and put the pen to paper. Innovating in this way seemed like a great outlet for you. Your little taglines under the photos were comical sales pitches and I really appreciated that. Make sure you focus on the aesthetic of your blog post (photo quality included) or else we don't get to fully understand your great ideas. Try not to admit defeat or lack of realistic qualities in these types of product designs, own the craziness. "That feel" is an interesting title for a subcategory, but I appreciated the way you explained it. It seemed very true to who you are, but if you choose to explore it further perhaps explore further the poetry that comes with the sense-type feelings.

Hi Mac,
Overall, the layout of your blog was well done because it incorporated a nice balance of text and visuals (and the visuals weren't over or undersized). The mind map was a bit blurry, but your other images aren't so I know you can make non-blurry images :) Adding humor to your actual blog was relevant and beneficial because it made me want to keep reading your blog (which should be something a blog does). You had 10 ideas which is fulfilling the assignment requirements. The description with each idea was a good move because it helped me picture your thought process or reasoning behind the idea. For improvements, you can work on your pictures by cropping the background and making sure they aren't blurry. Overall, I enjoyed your blog and loved your ideas!
Take care!

Loved the idea of using a sales tone for the captions below the photos. I would like to see the photos a little brighter and cropped /rotated to fill the frame. The use of color might help to enhance your sketches as well (even if you only use a highlight color). -pete

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