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September 16, 2008

Facebook Group

Most of you have Facebook profiles and are members of the Wilson Circulation Group already. We would like the new employees to join too! Because the group is private I have to send you a friend request and then invite you to join the group. It is set to private so that you all can communicate with each other regarding schedules if you need someone to sub for you. So, if you're on Facebook and want to be part of the Circulation Group let me know.


Name That Blog!

Wilson Circulation had a blog that had not been updated for quite some time. So, we’re going to start over. Since we’re starting fresh we decided to have another naming contest. So, think of some names, enter your ideas and we’ll vote on the winner! If you want to enter anonymously, that’s fine. Entry slips will be available on the student supervisor's desk.

Take a look at Wilson Reserve & Periodicals for an idea.