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Check Out the Open Textbook Catalog

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In an effort to reduce costs for students, the College of Education and Human Development has created this catalog of open textbooks to be reviewed by faculty members. Read full press release.

Open textbooks are complete textbooks released under a Creative Commons, or similar, license.

Instructors can customize open textbooks to fit their course needs by remixing, editing, and adding their own content. Students can access free digital versions or purchase low-cost print copies of open textbooks.

View the Open Textbook Catalog.

U of M MOOCs

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On Feb. 20, the University announced a partnership with Coursera--a leading massive open online course (MOOC) platform--to develop free, noncredit online courses. In the future, U of M students may earn credit as faculty are able to integrate offerings from Coursera into existing academic courses. For more information, read "Shattering the classroom walls."

U of M Libraries Sponsoring 2013 Student Video Contest

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Discovery Illuminates Everyone

How has the University of Minnesota Libraries illuminated your academic career?

Was it the sage advice of a librarian? The 24/7 access to online journals and eBooks? The guidance offered at the Smart Commons? The resources provided on a Library Course Page? Something else?

Using narrative film techniques or documentary storytelling, tell us about your discovery and how the University of Minnesota Libraries helped you. Or tell the story of another student or group of students. Each film should be three minutes or less in length.

Each member of the winning team will win an iPad. Each member of the runner-up team will win an iPod Touch.

Winners will be chosen by a panel judges from the George Lucas Foundation, National Geographic, HGTV, and the Libraries. For more information about the contest, please visit this link.

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