October 2008 Archives


Welcome to serialsblog!

This has been set up primarily to help facilitate communication between the full time staff and student staff in Wilson Library Serials Records. The idea is to be able to easily alert student staff to be on the look out for incoming items, to be aware of changes in procedures or for announcements like pizza parties or impending vacation periods. It will also be a resource providing links to procedures and information that should be useful to student employees. This will happen when I figure out how to add links to the blog...

With that in mind, the full time staff can also use this to post useful information for other staff. The Serials Acquisitions Section does have a web page with minutes and procedures and this is not intended to replace that web page. Rather this could be used as kind of a bulletin board for announcements, information or temporary procedures, things that won't be permanent but that we need to be aware of and don't want to dig through piles of emails to find or remember.

This will be a work in progress and may work well for some things but not others. It may end up way in the back of the cupboard like a novelty kitchen utensil, but it has the potential to be useful particularly for our student employees who can be difficult to reach en masse with their varying schedules. Post away!