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AHL bin in serials area

Effective immediately, please place all processed and or marked materials for AHL in the bin located in Serials Records. The bin is located on the floor under shelving unit, immediately to the left as you walk in to the area, behind Yumiko's carrel.

Every Monday morning, Kim or one of her students will carefully check to make sure every item in the bin belongs to AHL before delivering the bin to the Shipping Room. We have had some issues with the AHL materials delivery to that library, so we are hoping this new bin location will help solve the problem.

Thank you all for your help!

[From email sent today by Fariha]

First some background, when the material for Andersen Horticultural Library (AHL) was processed in St.Paul the bound or hardcover items did not receive any kind of marking or barcode. We have discovered one unclassified serial order for AHL for which the items are bound.

In order to process these items in Serial Records in Wilson Library without special handling these items have to be marked in some fashion. After checking with Kathy Allen at AHL we decided that these items will be processed as Level 2 with processing code "mk=fm" which means they'll be barcoded, plated and labeled as we do with the other unclassified bound St.Paul serials.

I have reviewed the list of AHL serials and it looks like only one title "International Plant Propagators' Society. Combined proceedings." (bib id: 2719193) is received in hardcover format but if we do run across any more the processing notes can be changed to correspond to the other bound, unclassified St.Paul serials.

-Chris Koehler