March 2009 Archives

A clean sink!


Just for your information.

Wilson FOM will send someone cleaning the sink in our area some time next week. Per Barb, we should not have to clean the sink and FOM will do it. Also I have requested if they can do it monthly, so we can have a nice and clean sink.

[Per email from Phuoc 3/27/09]

UMNLSR vendor code

I am sure you already know the new vendor code "UMNLSR" has been created and used. Please remember to change the claim date to 2025 if you are using this code. Also add note "Do not claim" on library note, so these could be given to the processors if it ever shows up on the claim reports. Students noticed with the Serials Records address after they generated the claim memos.

[Per email from Kim 3/26/09]