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Information about accessing 65 Wilson

From Laurie Jedamus:

With the closing of the Reserve/Periodicals service desk, the office door to 65 Wilson may occasionally be locked (if there are no staff in the office). Students delivering the daily newspapers or mail can get into the office area through the side door, which has a keypad lock. Once construction begins, the side door will be inaccessible, but a keypad lock should be installed on the main office door at that time.

Correction 5/26/09: The keypad will not be on the main door. It will be on the side door in the newspaper room. See Kim if you have questions about the location or need the keypad code.

Welcome baby Finian Evert Nixon!

Congratulations to Amy and her husband Josh on the birth of their son, Finian Evert Nixon!

Somehow, after 24 hours of no sleep and a long labor Amy had the energy to send us this email:

Well, I did it! See info & images on our blog.

Finian Evert Nixon
5/17/09 @ 12:32 am
21 inches
8 lbs (exactly)

Well, back to resting...well needed 24 hrs of no sleep.

Take care!


Thanks Cole and Liz!

Two of our check-in students, Cole Sexton and Liz Debeck, are graduating and going out into the big, scary world so they have left the serials department, with Cole's last day being Thursday and Liz's today. We took some time on Thursday to say goodbye to them in person with sandwiches, coconut pound cake and other goodies.

On behalf of the serials staff I would like to thank them for all their hard work, their experience and dedication helped make all of our jobs easier.