June 2009 Archives

Process Invoices Promptly!

LaVon in Library Accounting received some invoices from Ebsco for finance charges because several invoices were not paid within 60 days of the invoice date, so Fariha sent the following reminder 6/25/09 via email:

This is a reminder for all of you to please process invoices (especially EBSCO
invoices) as soon as you get them and if there are problems with any of the
titles on the invoices, to follow up on them immediately and document the
problem in the order log. Please place your pending invoices where you can
easily find them and follow up on any pending items on a weekly basis until

Thanks for your help!


Changes in the Gift Shelf

After the gift shelf was removed, the gift unit kindly requested to save some of these gift materials. According to them, there are times they may accept gifts. Fariha talked to Karl/Jenna and agreed to have a shelf set up over in their area. They are responsible to maintain the shelf. The gift shelf is located on the right side before entering the former Ref staff room and it has been labeled.

As of today, please place any unsolicited/gift materials on that gift shelf.

[Per email from Kim Tran 6/3/09]