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"Newsweek" no longer available through Ebsco

There have been postings on the Serialslist listserv that "Newsweek" (bib: 2710030) will no longer be available through agents effective with the end of the current subscriptions. EbscoNet is listing this as 'Must Order Direct' so it's likely more than a rumor.

I've asked Phuoc to confirm with Ebsco and if so, to set up two new direct orders for Wilson and Magrath to start when the current subscriptions lapse. The Wilson subscription will lapse in March 2010 and the Magrath subscription in January 2010. In order to avoid having the publisher combine the two one year renewals into one two year renewal, I've suggested that one subscription have 'Serials Records' in the first line of the address and the other 'Electronic and Print Serials'. Apparently variations in the first line of the address can help avoid the problem of combining multiple subscriptions.

Ideally the publisher will notify us of this change near the end of our subscriptions and include a bill which we can use to renew the subscriptions. We don't know how the publisher will notify us nor how they'll bill us for our renewal, so please be alert for any correspondence coming from Newsweek. If you have questions about it, the paperwork can go to me.