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A couple of people asked me this morning what to do with the volumes they had received from previous vendors for orders that were cancelled and reordered with YBP.

When you receive volumes on orders that were cancelled with a vendor and reordered through YBP, here is what you should do:

1. Check to make sure the volume is not a missing volume you claimed or expected on the old order, if volume was expected/claimed, process as usual.

2. If the volume was not expected from the previous vendor:

* contact the previous vendor & confirm cancellation of our order
* check GOBI to see if our order has been placed
* If order found in GOBI and GOBI showed that it was shipped
o contact the previous vendor to confirm cancellation and arrange for return (depending on the price of volume, etc).
* If order found in GOBI, but no shipping information was available:
o hold volume and ask Yumiko to check with YBP to see if we can still change the start date.
o Yumiko will handle updating the records if they can change the date and will let you know to process the volume
o if it is too late to change the start date, Yumiko will let you know and
+ you need to contact the previous vendor to confirm our cancellation and arrange for return if needed.
* If the order was not found in GOBI:
o Let Yumiko know that you have received the volume
o Yumiko will ask YBP to change start date and will handle updating of order records
o Hold the volumes until Yumiko confirms with YBP that the order start date can be changed
o Process the volume and pay the invoice if Yumiko says it is OK to do so.

The main points:
1) contact the previous vendor in all cases to confirm cancellation (whether we keep the volume or not),
2) do not process volumes or pay any invoices until you are certain they do not need to be returned.

Let me know if any questions.



[From email Fariha sent 8/7/09]