September 2009 Archives

We have been informed by the Magrath Library staff that they will no longer circulating unbound journals. This means that effective today (September 28, 2009) the Item Status in the second tab of the Subscription Record will be 02 "Non circulating" instead of 11 "One Day Loan" as it has in the past. When you create new S-type orders for Magrath journals you will need to make sure you use the correct Item Status.

We will be converting the current Subscription records and item records to the correct status. I will send out notification when that is complete so if you do run into any item records or subscription records with the wrong status you can change it.

Note that this only involves Magrath Library, the other St.Paul campus branch libraries (Forestry Library, EFW Library and the Plant Pathology Library) will continue to circulate their unbound issues. Please contact me if you have any questions.

-Chris Koehler

Cancellation reminders and return policy for YBP transfers

Effective today [08/27/2009], any volumes received on cancelled orders for this YBP Transfer Project should be returned back to the previous vendors. You should work with old vendors to reconfirm our cancellations and make arrangements to return those volumes and deduct the charges.

I also wanted to remind you about a couple of general issues with cancellations.

* When you are cancelling an order, by email or Aleph generated form letter, please remember to specifically mention the last volume received so that vendors know not to send anything after that volume. This is especially important for standing orders. Giving the vendor a 12/31/2009 end date for example is not enough information and will result in confusion and duplication. In order to allow you to modify the cancellation letter in Aleph, you need to set your print option to Print Preview, that will bring up the cancellation letter on your screen to allow you to edit before printing the memo. Once the letter is on your screen, you can add the last volume information and be more specific (e.g. The last volume received was v.47 (2009). Please cancel our effective with v.47 (2009). You can also add this information in the Vendor Note field of the order record before hitting the Cancel button if you prefer to do it that way instead of editing the cancellation memo. But editing the memo gives you more flexibility.

* You should not arrive volumes on cancelled orders unless those are the missing/claimed volumes that you expected to receive on the cancelled order. Arrange with vendor to return volumes you did not expect on the order and deduct the charges. Of course there will be times when you can't or don't want to return, e.g. when volume is here before the vendor has received a cancellation (volume was in transit) or the vendor does not allow for return, etc.

* If you are cancelling a print copy of a Print+online subscription, make sure to notify Chris and Yumiko if the title is part of the big publisher packages such as Springer, Elsevier, Wiley/Blackwell, etc. If the print copy is not a big publisher title, you need to make sure you are clear with the vendor as to which format you are cancelling. If we are still keeping the online version, then make sure the vendor knows that we are only cancelling the print and keeping or changing to e-only.

* Use order log to record communications AND actions (e.g. returned dups, asking selector for decision, etc) for all your actions/decisions and communications with vendors and selectors.

Thanks for your help.


[Per email from Fariha 8/27/09]