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Changes for BBS and BBSUK

Blackwell's Book Services, BBS and BBSUK, are going through some financial changes, and they are changing their name to Blackwell North America Inc. (new code: BNA) and Blackwell UK Ltd. (new code: BUK).

The new vendor codes, BNA and BUK, have already been created in Aleph, but please note that the active orders still have the old vendor codes, BBS and BBSUK. That is because the changes are effective with their invoices dated October 1, 2009 onwards and the invoices dated September 30, 2009 and earlier should still be processed under the old vendor codes, BBS and BBSUK. Once we are certain we will not receive any more invoices dated before October 1, 2009, we will ask Michael Johnson to run a macro to change the vendor code on the active orders from BBS and BBSUK to BNA and BUK. That will most likely happen around mid-October. Until that time, if you receive any invoices from Blackwell on your shelf, please forward them to Marie Thayer. Bill, I believe you get some Blackwell invoices together with level 2 full-mark items. Marie and Bill, please follow the instructions below to process Blackwell invoices:

* Invoices dated September 30, 2009 and earlier: Process with the old vendor codes, BBS and BBSUK. Do not make any changes on orders.

* Invoices dated October 1, 2009 onwards: First, change the vendor code on orders from BBS to BNA and BBSUK to BUK. Process the invoices under the new codes, BNA and BUK.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I will contact you again once the vendor code on all active orders has been changed to the new ones by macro.



[From email dated 9/22/09]


Update from Yumiko 11/4/09:

The vendor code on all of active orders has now been changed to the new ones, BNA and BUK (formerly BBS and BBSUK).

At the Aug. CCG meeting, the group decided to stop adding cancellation
statements to serial holdings records.

LEO will be removing existing statements, but an exact date for the removal has not been set. Please let processors know that they should not add statements when processing cancellations and that they do not need to remove existing statements.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Thank you,