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New Procedure for Problem Claims!

Effective today, you will be able to access your problematic claims on Netfiles at:


There are four different spreadsheets (O-Type, S-Type, S-TypeOpenOrders, M-Type). In each spreadsheet, you will be able to find a tab with your name at the bottom of the sheet. Every Monday, Kim will collect the problematic claims from her students and will add additional/new problematic claims on each spreadsheet and tab. Kim will send a note to all of you with the link as a reminder.

You can work from these lists and highlight the lines for those items you are able to resolve. Do not delete any of the lines, just highlight them, because that gives a nice visual representation of resolved claims. Once you start working on these regularly, you might be able to suggest some categories of claims that can be handled by students. We can discuss at our monthly meetings.

If you have any questions, please let me or Kim know.

Thanks for your help!

Fariha [via email 11/16/09]