April 2012 Archives

I'm reopening the dormant SerialsBlog to put up information relating to the Forestry-EFW merger and name change to the Natural Resources Library (NRL).

The first post is about an issue from back in December 2011 which may still be relevant and it's what to do with issues that come in for open (and/or recently cancelled) St.Paul subscriptions where the titles have been moved to MLAC or Printing Services (PS).

On 12/21/11 Fariha forwarded us an email from the project manager, Mary Miller, explaining what to do in this situation:

"A number of you have asked about what to do with journal issues that are coming into TS, which are part of St. Paul titles that have gone to MLAC or Printing Services. They can be sent to their original destination, whether it be Forestry, EFW, or Magrath. Amy's group will either send them on to MLAC, or in the case of Printing Services titles, she has a few half-full boxes awaiting transfer to PS that will accommodate the issues."