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NRL processing update

Per email from Chris Koehler 5/11/12:

As you may be aware from Jerrie Bayer's announcement earlier this week the Forestry Library will be permanently closing this Sunday May 13, 2012 so I'd like to give an update of the current status of updating the former Forestry and EFW records.

Most of the periodicals orders have been updated to the correct locations of either Magrath or NRL but there are some problem items that we are trying to fix. Any periodicals received for which the order or subscription record still shows the TEFW or TFOR sublibrary can come to me to check on and fix.

The holdings for monographs have not been updated yet to their new sublibraries so I have not been able to update the order records for our standing orders to classified series and cat seps. I am assuming that they will get updated before this Monday so I'll be able to update the orders by the middle of next week but if that changes I will send out notice. There are some cat sep orders that will require the selectors to review to determine the new location so they will likely take longer to get updated. Any items received on these orders that don't have the new location can come to me.

The issues that were coming as gifts directly to the Forestry Library and sent up here for processing will be changed so they are sent and processed here at Wilson. I will be working on updating the orders and notifying the suppliers. The membership records will also need to be updated but they will be a lower priority so you may run across those for a bit longer.

If you have any questions or run across any unusual problems with these records let me know.