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NRL Processing Update 2

From email from Chris Koehler 5/22/12:

I'd like to give an update of the current status of updating the records for the EFW and Forestry Libraries as part of the Natural Resources Library (NRL) transfer in St.Paul.

As some of you might be aware the sub-library description for the sub-library codes TEFW, TFOR and TNRL is now displaying as "TC Natural Resources Library." Prior to the closure of the Forestry Library on May 13th the sub-library descriptions for TEFW and TFOR had reflected the former names of the branch libraries and TNRL had displayed as the EFW Library but now they are all displaying under the new name.

The holdings for the monograph records including the classified series have still not been updated from the TEFW or TFOR sub-library codes. The latest update I've received is that the staff in St.Paul are still reviewing and moving the books. They are trying to get this done soon but it might go into next week before the spreadsheets can go to Betsy to update the holdings. Please forward me any classified or cat sep items received on these records, I will hold them and process as soon as I know what the new locations are.

In the meantime I have updated the sub-library fields on the membership records to Magrath or NRL based on where the pieces received on the membership went. If you do run across any membership records the TEFW or TFOR sub-libraries let me know.

Finally, Scott Marsalis has just confirmed that the NRL and Plant Pathology unbound serials will no longer circulate which will bring them in line with Magrath and most other locations in the system. Chris Rose will be making global changes to the unbound item records to update the Item Statuses and I will need to have Michael Johnson run a macro to update the Item Statuses on all the Subscription Records for NRL, Plant Pathology and the transfered orders from Forestry & EFW to Magrath. Once the updates are made Scott will notify the staff in those locations that the new loan policy has taken effect. Let me know if you have any questions.