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Handling the last issue of cancelled NRL orders that have been transferred to MLAC

You may recall that earlier this year when we were working on the transfer and consolidation of the Forestry and EFW libraries into the Natural Resources Library (NRL) we dealt with some titles where the NRL orders had been cancelled with the end of 2012 and for which the items had been sent to MLAC. The decision was made to check in the remaining 2012 issues on item records that had been given an NRL temporary location and send them over to NRL.

Now we are starting to receive the last 2012 issues on these orders and an issue has come up with how to process these since the holdings are MLAC. Our cancellation procedures require us to update the holdings records by adding the last volume to the holdings and changing the 'Receipt or Acquisition Status' in the 008 Fixed Field to '05' (Not Currently Received). The problem is that the holdings records are for MLAC and by updating the holdings it makes it appear that the issues are now in MLAC.

I have consulted with the staff over in St.Paul and they have notified me that we can handle these as we would with any of the other serials cancellations by updating the holdings record per the procedures even though the location will be listed as MLAC. Let me know if you have any questions and any problems can go to me.