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Level 2 full-marks and SACAP serials

Per email from Laureen Boutang August 27, 2012:

Kim's students have been distributing the Level 2 full-marks among processors as Li Zhu is no longer working on them. I have asked Kim to have the students return to placing them on the full-mark shelf, and Amy will handle processing for the near future.

I'm reopening the dormant SerialsBlog to put up information relating to the Forestry-EFW merger and name change to the Natural Resources Library (NRL).

The first post is about an issue from back in December 2011 which may still be relevant and it's what to do with issues that come in for open (and/or recently cancelled) St.Paul subscriptions where the titles have been moved to MLAC or Printing Services (PS).

On 12/21/11 Fariha forwarded us an email from the project manager, Mary Miller, explaining what to do in this situation:

"A number of you have asked about what to do with journal issues that are coming into TS, which are part of St. Paul titles that have gone to MLAC or Printing Services. They can be sent to their original destination, whether it be Forestry, EFW, or Magrath. Amy's group will either send them on to MLAC, or in the case of Printing Services titles, she has a few half-full boxes awaiting transfer to PS that will accommodate the issues."

In an effort to alleviate the problem we've had with multiple copy subscriptions being changed by publishers from two 1 year subscriptions to one 2 year subscription we asked Ebsco to set up three different sub-accounts with slightly different addresses under Wilson Library account number CG2916500. The sub-accounts are designated by a two letter Subscriber Code coming at the end of the account number so for example the main account is under CG2916500SR. The idea behind this is that by providing slightly different addresses the publishers won't match up and combine our multiple copy subscriptions.

We also wanted to make sure that if only one issue is received on a multi-copy subscription it is checked in on the same order each time so lapses are easier to catch so we established a hierarchy to decide which locations would be checked in first, second and if necessary, third. The location checked in first was assigned to the main account, CG2916500SR, those checked in second were assigned to account CG2916500TA and those checked in third were assigned account CG2916500EA. I have updated the Vendor Reference and Vendor Note fields of these orders to reflect the correct accounts. I have also added the following notes to the Check-in Note field in the Subscription Record:

CHECK IN FIRST [for the order under the main account CG2916500SR--or otherwise checked in first]
CHECK IN SECOND [used only for middle copy of three copy subscriptions]
CHECK IN LAST [used for second copy of 2 copy subscriptions or third copy of 3 copy subscriptions]

There were a few anomalies such as issues for the order on the main account not being checked in at all, so the note in the Check-in Note field trumps the account number in terms of processing.

The additional addresses and sub-account codes that Ebsco set up for us are as follows:

Alternative Address 1
Technical Services Subscriber code: TA
309 19TH AVE S

Alternative Address 2
Elec Print Serials Sect Subscriber code: EA
309 19TH AVE S

Alternative Address 3
EPSS Serials Acq Subscriber code: EB
309 19TH AVE S

We did not have any four copy subscriptions so the sub-account under Subscriber Code EB was not used.

The hierarchy of locations that we used to establish the sub-account under which orders were assigned was as follows:

Wilson Library
Walter Library
Magrath Library
Branch Libraries (St.Paul branches, Journalism, Architecture, etc.)
Andersen Horticultural Library
Wilson Library binding copies

Invoice Problems with Pink Highlighters

Per email from LaVon in accounting 12/7/10:

Recently we have been having a few problems with invoices being highlighted with a pink marker. This is a problem for us because when Sarah scans it, the items highlighted in pink don't show up and she then has to go in and manually type in what has been highlighted.

Can you please mention this to all of the people setting up invoices so that pink highlighters are no longer used?



Link for making new entry on blog

I've upgraded the serialsblog to Movable Type 4.x but am still trying to figure out how to add links. If you are interested in adding a new entry you can go to this link:

and log into UThink. serialsblog should appear in the list under 'My Blogs', click on that and then either click on 'Write Entry' at the top left of the page or run your mouse over 'Create' to get the drop down menu and select 'Entry'.

Check with me if you have any questions.