Trial Run of Inkjet Transfer

The inkjet transfer paper was something I wanted to try since I decided to use wood panels for my pages.
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I was very interested in using this suede material for the cover. It reminded me of a really old notebook that was kept for records or something. The suede did not work out for the cover because it was decided that it was too traditional looking.


I tried to stitch around the illustrations to add a more tactile page. The paper was tricky to stitch through and I wasn't sure if it would stay put or not.



Book Illustrations - New Mythical CReatures idea

Some illustrations that I did for my book. My idea had become more of each page having a story about each creature within their myths. And the story to be accompanied by an illustration.

Map cut-outs

I only cut-out the right sides so that if they are in a book the shapes would protrude out of the right side where you would turn the page.


JULIE CHEN - Book Pics



Julie Chen - Book Arts

Maps. maps. and maps.

I guess I just really like the look of maps. I would like to use different maps to create shapes for the outer edge of my book. I would like for my book to have kind of a topographic feel. If I can only create that on one edge that would still be a nice touch

Bad at Blogging

WOW. I suck at keeping a blog! I am a little behind on my entries but hopefully I can catch you up quick!! Soooo, I will start now...

my artist book

My idea has been evolving more into an artist book. I have decided to focus more on the format of the book than the actual graphics right now. I want to create a format that focuses more on shape of the pages. I still want to use some kind of maps throughout the book and cut them out so the shape protrudes out of the book. I like the look of the book on this link. The kind of map-like grid in the background is kind of the feeling want to have in my book.