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my artist book

My idea has been evolving more into an artist book. I have decided to focus more on the format of the book than the actual graphics right now. I want to create a format that focuses more on shape of the pages. I still want to use some kind of maps throughout the book and cut them out so the shape protrudes out of the book. I like the look of the book on this link. The kind of map-like grid in the background is kind of the feeling want to have in my book.

my work in progressssss

I decided for this project I am going to be designing something in book form. I haven't totally decided what format I want to use for the book yet but I have found a few examples that are pretty neat. The link I will attach shows some ideas. A few of the books that are shown on the link use maps inside the books. I really like the idea of using old maps and printing on top of them. I would like to have different panels that you can open up when you look at the book, so the reader can kind of choose what they look at as they go. I want to try to use foamcore cut-outs to give it some depth and texture. That's all for now. I will try to post some sketches soon!

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