Is your brain full?

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Neural plasticity is the nervous system's ability to change. These changes can be genetic or as result of our education, upbringing or because of injury or illness. Our nervous system is continuously evolving; the brain of a child develops exponentially until they reach adolescence. Following illness or injury the brain adapts. As adults this plasticity decreases but we're still capable of creating stronger connections making our neurons more efficient.

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) is an assessment tool used to identify your learning and thinking preferences. The idea is that a person's brain is divided into four quadrants, each specializing in certain skills, with some areas stronger than others where we develop preferences. The HBDI is the foundation of a million dollar business where they identify your preferences and then use them to help individuals make career choices, help businesses improve communication among employees, help parents connect with their children & help people learn to use their "whole brain". Are they capitalizing on the plasticity of our brains or have they built their company on pseudoscience?


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Good concision. Nevertheless, I remember that in your Writing 1 post you explained that your employer arranged for your own assessment. Understanding that the length of our posts is constrained, I'd still like to know what the HBDI had to say about your brain.

Interesting topic to me. I recently took the Strong Interest Inventory and was not sure if it was kosher. I think the best indicator of personality is your star sign. I'm an ares.

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