The Paranormal Industry

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After reading about the extraordinary claims Scientific thinking principle, I realize that even this theory proven false takes people by storm. Movies like; The 4th Kind, Paranormal Activity, and Signs have made big sales for their movies and helped create the belief that they are based off true stories. Even the facts that state for example that the crop circles were made by college students doesn't push people away from the theaters. I believe that this scientific principle connects with the term confirmation bias because we are sticking to the belief that extra terrestrials exist. Give credit to the movie industry though for making a catchy trailer that catches your eye and ignites your brain.... The movie must trigger something in our sympathetic nervous system that makes us scared and start to sweat. Then the rest of the night we rely on the parasympathetic nervous system to calm us down. Google Image Result for.webarchive

Even though these extraordinary claims do not have the extraordinary evidence to go with, people are not budging on their own views. The psychologists must just be frustrated at watching the paranormal theory make money at the box office..


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I believe that when people saw some of these events (such as a crop circle) that they did not look for the more simple explanation of these occurrences. They created extraordinary claims with no evidence to back up their theories although they do make very entertaining movies.

Nice post. It's always seemed to me that people believe these things because they activate some part of our imagination. If the idea that there is a "paranormal" wasn't so fascinating, we'd probably be a lot more rational about it.

As far as advice for your blog post goes, a clip from one of the movies you mentioned might be a nice addition. I liked the subject matter, and how you tied it in with the mention of the sympathetic nervous system.

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