Do the television affects to children?

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In our generation, we were growing with watching television. Still in my memory, I used to wait the evening time because many cartoon movies were televised. Last week during the discussion class, we watched the Power Ranger movie. As we saw the 'Youtube' video clip, the children acted to follow the Power Ranger, such as they were kicking each other. In Korea, Power Ranger also was televised, and my friend and I also used to act to follow it, just like the children in 'Youtube' video clip. Also, I thought that every foreigner could speak Korean because the movie was dubbed in Korean.
Judging from my child experience, children might act to follow and believe what they have seen. If they liked to watch a violent movie and have seen the kind of movie many times, then they might become more violent because children might follow the movie scene without knowing that it is violent or not.
However, I have a curiosity about the old generation. They had grown without television. Does it mean that they were not much violent as comparison with nowadays children because of not watching the television? Or, what kind factors gave them to be aggressive?

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