High Blood Pressure and Birth Defects!

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A new study has found high blood pressure during early stages of pregnancy raises and can lead to birth defects in new borns. Researchers discovered that the medicines used to control high blood pressure weren't the actual cause in raising the risk of major birth defects. Instead their research discovered that high blood pressure itself is the culprit and their previous assumptions were incorrect. For years pregnant women have been told to avoid these drugs during their later stages of pregnancy; however it was unclear what impacts and how safe it is taking these drugs during the early pregnancy.

The study done by researchers found that women with high blood pressure compare to those without it were more likely to have children with spinal cord defects, brain defects, and congenital hearts regardless of if the mother was taking medications or not. The study was preformed by Dr. De-Kun Li and fellow researchers from Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California. In the study the researchers examined files from over 460,000 women and their children dating from 1995-2008. Scientist aren't exactly sure yet why high blood pressure raises these risk. However they are also aware that maybe physiological changes in the mothers body does impact the development of the fetus.

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3.My favorite post was Eddy Nzaro post of lucid dreaming as he had really nice video clip from the discovery channel. Also learned something new from the post; learned that the logic center of the brain shuts down while we dream.


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