Incentive theory. Internal wealth or external wealth?

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The incentive theories proposes that we are often motivated by positive goals. Within the theory, there is intrinsic motivation which people are motivated by internal goals, and extrinsic motivation which people are motivated by external goals. For me personally, I have to say my love of playing soccer has slowly but developed from an extrinsic motivation to an intrinsic one, and sure enough it has made me a better player, mentally and otherwise overall.

This video provides an interesting point in regards to the incentive theory when dealing with the work place( and possible study place). It also offers cool drawings so check it out! =)

What do you guys think though? Surely when it comes to more broad, larger tasks and goals, the best sort of motivation comes from intrinsic don't you agree?

Favorite three posts: 1.The Terror Management Theory(by anwey001) This post brought on a major point which I think is one of the most important things that has shaped the current world. 2.The Gift of Endless Memory(by mitch720) Enjoyed the article because of the topic and I actually watched the videos because they were interesting. 3.First Love Retrospect( by xiexx229). I can relate to the notion that a lot of times, the memories most people hold are usually exaggerated to some degree.


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Really opens up a new way of thinking, way beyond the business world too.

Cool video Eddy. I like Dan Pink's work on motivation.

He has a book called Drive that you might want to check out.

We have come a long way since operant conditioning and B F Skinner

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