Love at 1st Sight, 2nd, 3rd? 100th?

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After reading about the major principles that guide attractions and relationships it sparked real life situations. The principles say that; proximity, similarity, and reciprocity guide the strong relationships. These principles counter the idea of love at first sight. At first sight we do not know that we have any similarities with each other, and we have not had proximity. Still countless people seem to believe that they met their soul mate when they first set eyes on them. I totally agree that you can be attracted to someone at first sight but after reading this chapter I do not see how "love at first sight" works.

I have been in a relationship now for a while, and I can see that it was built on all three of those principles. The proximity part was huge because if I did not see her as often I would not have gotten to know her and find our similarities. I am not calling people that say they fell in love at their first meeting crazy in any way, I just believe that its going to take a little more work to find someone that you have a good connection with than just going off the basis of attraction.

Favorite Posts:
Anwey: Because I think that it is very interesting seeing how pre birth health issues can affect newborn children.
Liefs003: I think that their opinion was very strong and their evidence to back it up was even stronger.
Keise021: I like how he put real life situations into his blog post, and it is evidence that the principles of relationship building works.

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