Opposites Attract?

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Similarity, Proximity & Reciprocity. These are all factors that are taken into account when taking a closer look at relationships. The age old myth "Opposites Attract" may be true in one or two aspects but as an overall it is not.


Proximity is key in starting relationships because it is whats convenient for most people. It allows people to become comfortable with others and their surroundings. When you gain the trust of others it is easier when they are close by and easily accessible.
Similarity is vital in relationships because we most see ourselves with people who share common interests, goals and views. It makes it easier to speak that person, which in turn strengthens the relationship.
Reciprocity is the least important of the three in relationships. Once the relationship has started then it is very, very important to have a good level of reciprocity. Reciprocity helps a relationship grow deeper and when both parties are gaining positively from these exchanges then they get bigger and better.
I'm in a long-distance relationship myself & I can say that proximity did help start the relationship. We hung out a lot over the summer before she left for school and just seeing her everyday made the attraction grow. We are alike in more ways than others and our opposites sometimes cause confrontation but it is our similarities that help us get back on track. Now that we have been dating for some time the reciprocity has played a great role. She does things, mentally and physically, for me that help take this relationship to new heights and vice versa.
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