The Rhetoric of "Superbabies"

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Parents love their children, and of course, would like to their children to have a jump-start. Therefore, it comes at no surprise that simple educational method such as listening to Mozart became popular among parents. Although the research is premature, parents are willing to give it a try. The deep love for their children make them unwilling to miss any possible chance to improve their children's ability, even if the effects of the method may be dubious. As it turned out, the Mozart effect may simply be a result of increased alert level rather and increased intelligence. Exposing babies to Mozart is unlikely to increase the abilities of the babies.
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Favorite three posts: 1. Incentive theory. Internal wealth or external wealth (by Nzaro002). This post is very interesting since it contradicts the classical belief of external incentives and show that both internal incentives (altruistic motives) and external incentives are important. 2.What does Insomnia have to do with the Economy? (by Anwey001) This post is quite interesting since it relates a seemingly unrelated health problem with the economy, and explains how Insomnia could affect the economy. 3. Stuck on the Tip of Your Tongue (by Wilke247). This post is interesting since it tells an interesting phenomenon that happens to everyone, and yet most people ignore it.

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