Are You a Risk Taker?

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The article Addictive Personality? You Might be a Leader talks about common characteristics found among great leaders; intelligence, creativity and the drive to succeed. These are characteristics many people would claim to have, so what is it that keeps people from being the next Steve Jobs? I think what sets apart top leaders is the willingness to take risks. We're living in a society where people have a rapidly increasing sense of entitlement. Everyone wants success & greatness handed to them and aren't willing to put in the work or take the gamble of losing everything they have for a chance at something bigger. Great leaders are not only willing to take the risk, but thrive on it. They've sacrificed relationships, time, money, comforts & likely failed many times along the way but their willingness to keep gambling it what eventually pay offs. Everyone wants to achieve great things, but how much are you willing to risk?

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