Conform at the Vikings Game

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Five years from now the subject of psychology I think I will remember most is the idea of conformity. My parents raised me to be my own person and to never follow the crowd. After watching the candid camera episode in which the people continually turned with the actor and actresses, I do not know if I would not do that myself. Also I would like to think that if I was a part of the line test I would stick to my guns and give the correct answer even if the rest of the people did not. This is what my parents told me to do so I would really hope I could do them proud. This subject also correlated with my ecology class. In ecology we talk about the behavior of animals instead of humans, but it is amazing how much of these behaviors overlap with one another. Similar to humans, animals also group together as a way to increase their survival rate and ability to pass on their genes to the next generation. While conformity is seen in the most complex ecosystem, it can also be easily studied at a football game. vikings-fans.jpg A new Viking football game is played every Sunday, and every Sunday the fans perform the same cheers even if it is their first game. A person who is at their first game has learned by the end of the game, what hand motions to do after the Vikings have made a first down, what cheer to sing after a touchdown, and when to sit-down or stand-up. They learn all of this by conforming to what the veteran fans are doing. I will remember conformity in five year because it is something that I will see and experience every day, so I cannot easily forget it.

My favorite blog post this week was on Teen Peer pressure because it took what we are learning in class and related it to a real world issue.

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