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I would say in general there isn't a specific concept to remember in five years. I already use psychology in my everyday life, therefore I would obviously use it again thereafter. To be specific whenever thinking about society I would use psychology. When thinking of people's ability to do things and how they think I would question many thing's relating to psychology. If I was to choose, I think I would use social psychology the most in five years I would say. Everyone's lives revolves around each other so they're going to question about how each other behave, and I know I'm one of those who would use psychology to persuade myself to believe in how people behave.


I think overall, I would think of any psychology concepts regardless of whichever one it is. This is again because like many others I get very curious with how this or that works with people's minds and why people behave this way or how they behave. Even though I would not use specific terms from the psychology 1001 class to describe what something is, I would still use the concepts that I remember. I feel that even though five years from now, when I have forgotten about what I learned from psychology I would still use it in my own way not knowing that I am using it.

What would you say about this? Do you think psychology is used everyday even if it's five years from now?

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It is really curious to know how this or that works with people's minds.Specific physiological processes are certainly a matter of great interest to me!

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