Following the wrong crowd

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Conformity refers to the natural tendency of following the crowd because of stress and confusion in the event of disagreement in perception with others as shown in the Ash studies. Obedience, as shown in the Milgram Paradigm, is people's inclination of obeying instructions even if they know what they are doing is wrong or unethical. Both phenomena have profound implications in corporate environment. The decision-making process in a corporation may well be subject to conformity scheme and correct decision may not be made. If the top makes the wrong decision, and the rest follows faithful to the decision as in Milgram Paradigm, the corporation may very well fail completely, or conduct ethical corporate acts. How do we solve these problems? Corporate structure is essential, but further research is needed in designing the optimal corporate structure.

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Conformity is something that has been observed in various situations and I should say, something really characterizing human nature. But that is why leaders are the one who stands out, due to their ability not to follow the crowd in situations, when they do not agree with the taken decision. The hues and shades of conformite are of a great interest to me, mainly due to their intricate nature. Thanks for refering to the blog!

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