Parenting Styles

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The human development portion of our coursework is one I will likely always remember and take away from psychology 1001. More specifically the section on parenting styles (Permissive, Authoritarian, Authoritative, Uninvolved) and their implications is what I'll remember. I found this section interesting because I've seen these parenting styles in the parents of ]friends that I've met throughout my life. Some of my friends have recently had kids of their own and it got me wondering about when I one day will hopefully have children of my own. This portion on developmental psychology gave me a better and deeper understanding in the dynamics of parenthood. This section answered questions I previously held and gave me better knowledge in important areas of parenting. If anything, I learned how critical the father role plays in the development of children from this section. Even though this isn't exactly applicable to my current living situations; I hope to one day use this knowledge. I hope to use the insight I've gained from developmental psychology to help foster and raise my children into good people and citizens who will help contribute to the betterment of society.


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