Peer pressure

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Every year in Hollywood there are always a lot of movies about school life in high school, which are lively and attractive to all ages. But not everybody exactly have a memorable and happy time when they are in school. Peer pressure usually comes to be the greatest spoiler.
According to social psychology, people may do things that seems extremely stupid and wired when they are faced with huge group pressure, especially peer pressure, let alone teenagers. Try to come up with some old memory clips. Did you ever bully or tease other poor guys in school just because your "leader" ask you to do so or just everyone altogether do it so you didn't wants to look different?
Teenagers often wants to try somethings fancy or "fashionable". Do they really know the reason they want to try that thing? Do they know if it is harmful to their health or their mental state to take drugs, being alcoholic, and have a baby at 17? No. They do these just because other guys at their age all behave like this and the best way they think is to "keep in line". Only few people could stay in their way and keep aware.

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