Societal Outcasts

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In our discussion group, we talked about why people are willing to bring over soup when friends aren't feeling well or drop off books when a family member is recovering from a broken leg but tend to avoid people when they're diagnosed with a psychological disorder. As a society we've been ignoring these people for years. Our book talks about Thomas Szasz who claimed in the 1960s that people didn't actually have psychological disorders but they were just people unaccepted by society. Szasz has been proven wrong about his theory about mental illness but he was correct about society's negative attitude towards people suffering from psychological disorders. As I walk to work each morning there are a number of people I pass that are clearly suffering from mental illness. Some are struggling from addiction, asking for money for their next drink. Others are carrying on heated conversations with "someone" the rest of us can't see. They need help, but rarely do you ever see people reaching out. Instead people cross to the other side of the walkway or throw garbage in their collection cups. These folks are often homeless with no place to go. Should asylums be brought back?

The blog that grabbed my interest this week was on Bipolar Disorder. I think it takes a lot of courage for someone to write about themselves.

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I have been interested in the bipolar disorder once I came across an article about it what fascinate me is that many people have it, but they don't actually know about it. For example, me or you can be suffering from it right now but don't really know bout it. But I am sure the minute we say we have such disorder people will start estrange from us. Hypothetically, of course. Hire

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