The Psychology Of Me

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Of all the topics covered this year in psychology, I think that the one topic I will certainly remember five years from now are the theories of personality. The main reason is that I found personality to be the most interesting subject covered. But another reason is that it has helped me realize who I am as a person.

For instance, after taking a few personality quizzes, I found consistently low scores concerning conscientiousness. While this wasn't all too surprising, it still shaped my life in a positive way. Now that I know I'm unorganized and a terrible planner, I have tried keeping my life more orderly and not waiting until the last minute to get stuff done (notice how I gave myself five full hours to finish this).
Also, I couldn't help but being drawn somewhat to Sigmund Freud's theory. While most of it I think is ridiculous, his ideas about defensiveness seemed were particularly interesting in my opinion, given that I possess a defensive personality to begin with. This has impacted me by helping me understand what I do when I'm angry and by helping me tone it down a little.

I would recommend this course to anyone.

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