Amygdala - the boss of fear Yuhuan Xiao

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Reading the two articles, I realize that amygdala controls the sense of fear. Two experiments confirmed the hypothesis: one is that researchers who inserted electrodes into people's brains found cells in amygdala alerting when people saw the images of animals; the other is that animals without amygdala became fearless when they faced other threatening species.

I can hardly find a good situation in which we can live without any fear. It is the fear that alerts us and restricts our crazy behavior and actions. Indeed, we need to be fearless when facing new adventures (e.g., bungee jumping), but we don't need to permanently remove the amygdala to do so. In the case of patient SM suffering from lipoid proteinosis, SM's "fearless characteristic" made her brave enough to walk through the same park where she had been attacked the night before. In this situation, amygdala places a very crucial role in keeping us alert and safe.

However, I guess that modifying the amygdala might be a way to treat those who live in deep fear in their everyday life.

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I like your title, "Amygdala, the boss of fear!" :)

It reminds me of the colloquial saying, "You're not the boss of me!" Except, I guess, what we want to say--given that fear both keeps us safe AND restricts our crazy behavior--is "Fear is not the boss of me!"

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