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I have learned about the amygdala in my previous anatomy class in high school, but have never read any studies on it and first hand experience or scientific research about. Just the function (triggers sense of fear). I was not surprised by how the animals, or lady with lipoid proteinosis reacted without the amygdala, I was more curious.
I thought "if I were to face a fear so grave, without my amygdala, would that bring me more danger or make me braver?" "If we removed the effect of the amygdala, could we create fearless more effective soldiers?" "Would the world turn to turmoil, because no one feared the law?" all these questions ran through my head as I thought more and more about this thing, this thing in our brains that makes our knees buckle, gives us goosebumps, makes our hair stand on the back of our necks, was it really worth it?? Could we better off without it?
The answer to that I think is no. No, because without it we would go against something bigger, stronger, and more powerful. We would have no fear to make us cower, and end up being eaten alive or something similar. Our fear, it's what keeps us from doing stupid stuff, like going into a lions den, or shooting a firework off in our hands. Fear keeps us alive.

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That's a very interesting reflection, that if no one feared the law that the world "would turn to turmoil." By inference, fear not only keeps individuals from "doing stupid stuff" but it may allow social groups to survive and function as well.

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