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I previously had no knowledge of the function of the amygdala. I learned that the amygdala triggers a persons and animals response to fear. It is amazing how disconnecting the amygdala in an animal can make it fearless to its predators. I also found it very surprising that the woman with lipoid proteinosis responded to her attack in the park. Instead of going a different route after be attacked the previous night, she decided to continue her same routine. This did not seem like a typical response to such an attack. I remember camping with my family in first grade I got lost trying to take a shortcut in the woods. This scared me because it took my hours to find my way back. Ever since this experience, I am paranoid about getting lost when I am walking through the woods.
In my free time, I enjoy wakeboarding in the summer. When trying new tricks I am often afraid of falling and injuring myself. The hardest part of progressing in the sport is having the right mental focus and being able to block out fear. I feel if my could control my brains response from my amygdala or if it was damaged, I would be able to progress rapidly with new tricks. I wouldn't be surprised if eventually professional athletes in extreme sports started searching for treatments to alter their amygdala in order to diminish their fear. Most likely, this would be too harmful for the athlete and would never be approved by any doctor.


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You raise an interesting point! I can imagine that athletes would love to be less fearful of injury, but if they were, wouldn't they play more recklessly? And wouldn't the result be that more athletes would be injured? That wouldn't be good!

I'm always interested in implications like the one you brought up regarding athletes. Seems like some good science fiction novels could come out of that! Coincidentally, I was recently reading a little about the beta blocker propranolol, which blocks some action of epinephrine and norepinephrine (which modulate the amygdala). Beta blockers are banned from the Olympics because they can reduce things like hand tremors and anxiety.

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