Amygdale- Can I be good friends with snakes, spiders, and ghost...?

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Can I be good friends with snakes, spiders, and ghost which I fear of terribly if I could take my amygdale away from my brain? The answer may not easy as like I hope, but study of relationship between amygdale and our fear behavior can help people who are suffering from overboard fear emotion. medium_hdpzqw7z_9a_01.jpg

Through two readings, I have learned that people pay more attention to not only animals which bring us danger like snakes but also other animals which bring us warm feelings like dogs or cats. As I always feel extreme fear toward snakes, our brain, amygdale, responds to animals quickly as we see them. According to the University of Iowa's case study, a lady whose amygdale does not reside normally has no sense of fear, for instance she does not have fear of snakes or walking after dark alone. Is removing amygdale cool? Can I be a fearless and strong person?
I have watched this video clip just for reference in class. In this video, a lady, who has a spider phobia, cured her phobia with a hypnotherapist. Although hypnotherapy is very questionable, he cured her spider phobia in this video. I do not quit believe that hypnotherapy cures people's fear, but I believe that using amygdale study and find a medicine or psychological therapy is a great idea to cure people's fear.

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