Really excited about the Amygdala

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I found this guy's vlog and he is really really excited about the amygdala, which is good because it makes learning easier for me. He said a lot of really useful stuff about the amygdala that is applicable to everyday life.

It is a little long so if you don't want to watch it, he basically said that there are many things that stress us out during the day (like my new job) and inhibits our ability to use our neocortex (the logical part of the brain). So your logical part of your brain is being overcome by the amygdala which is counterproductive because it is not letting you be logical. FRUSTRATING!

One of the things he said that can help is taking deep breaths! This is really true because when I am stressed I try to remember to breath and it really helps me start to think logically and feel better. For example "if this person doesn't get their drink in time it is not going to be the end of the world and you shouldn't care if they are pissed at you." The extra oxygen allows me to use the logical part of my brain to think this.

Unfortunately, the logical part of my brain isn't much better sometimes... Either way... I am happy that I learned this because knowing how to overcome stressors in life is important for everyone. I wish I could turn off my amygdala when I go to work. However I don't know what the impacts of turning your amygdala would be, but it is a cool idea for those of us in the service industry at least.... :)

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