Subliminal Messages

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One concept that we learned about in Psych 1001 so far is the concept of subliminal messages. Subliminal messages or subliminal persuasions can be and most likely are present in our everyday life. These messages are hidden but can often make an influence on simple and sometimes complex decisions we have to make. This concept is very important to understand and apply to our lives in the fact that companies or government parties could be using these messages every day to influence our actions or thoughts
One example of subliminal messaging that I have heard a lot about is messages in Disney movies. Some of these movies include Aladdin, the Little Mermaid, Lion King. You wouldn't think that a harmless child's movie could possess some subliminal messaging that may not always be positive. The accounts that I have heard of and somewhat seen have most likely been placed in such movies, aiming towards the adults. The messages that people have reported being present in the movies have been about sex. For just a short moment, the stars in Lion King spell out the word, in Aladdin, a character supposedly says "good teenagers take off your clothes" under his breath. All of these can be thought they are really in the movie when really your mind is just telling you they are. But then again maybe they really truly are there. So my question about subliminal messages is how do you know if you are really being subliminally messaged, or when you are just making yourself think that you are?

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