Things Aren't Always What They Seem To Be

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Makeup Blog for Missed Discussion Section - 9/29/2011 - Week 4 - S&P

Sometimes we miss things when we are distracted. But have you ever just completely missed something although you were paying attention? This can happen when you pay too close attention to just one aspect of the larger picture.

This video is an excellent demonstration of this. eye.jpg

Did you see the gorilla? Many viewers don't. This inattentional blindness occurs when someone's attention is focused elsewhere. Some viewers are too focused on counting the passes of the basketball, that they completely miss the fact that there is a person in a gorilla suit! In this demonstration it is kind of funny, but it is almost scary to think about what other things we might be missing because we are too caught up on something else. Sometimes a great attention to detail isn't the best thing.

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