Adrenaline - supernatural power

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adrenaline superman.jpgIf you are a superman one day, I believe it must be the contribution of adrenaline. Only adrenaline has the tremendously supernatural power to push your body beyond its limit. It's so amazing that adrenaline can immediately arouse your potential abilities when you're in any sort of dangerous, scary, exciting or life threatening situations. Can you imagine you'll lose your adrenaline someday? How weak you'll be when you are facing danger.

Conversely, what will happen if adrenaline is excessively released? One of my frineds ever experienced adrenaline released over her personal limit. She became so wired during that time, talking rapidly and incoherently. Although adrenaline is so important to our life, balancing its amount in our body is also significant.

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Great discussion and questions.

As a former lifeguard, I enjoyed the adrenaline rush during rescuing swimmers (the adrenaline flow usually lasted 45 minutes after the rescue).

Today as a minister privileged to see and experience the power of God throughout the world, I wholeheartedly believe in the supernatural.

Paul F Davis - author of 'Supernatural Fire'

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