Are you afraid of the dark?

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You know how people say that either you are going to "fight or flight" in scary situations? Well a couple of summers ago I got to test that theory. I was at home and it was one of those super windy stormy nights which normally I would really enjoy, cutting the humidity is always a good things in my mind. I went to bed but got woken up a couple of hours later to the sound of a power drill.. the whirling sound of a drill going through a lock or something to that effect. God knows this is the one time that I actually wake up when there is a loud sound but I did and I sat and waited for the person to break in because I was going to attack them. However, after I had been sitting there for a while and they still hadn't broken in I started turning on the lights in my house, making noise and I went down stairs to my kitchen and grabbed a big knife. I figured it was now or never to take care of this guy who was trying to break in ( although I wished I had a baseball bat instead of a knife but I worked with what I had). Anyway I went and threw open the front door expecting to find a person breaking into my house but instead I found my screen door had come unlocked from the door and was swinging back and forth in the wind making the "drilling" sound.
Well, this whole situation showed that at first my amygdala had serious control over me, I was super scared that someone was breaking into my house and I didn't know what to do. But then I started to take control of my mind and not be afraid and the sympathetic nervous system took over and my fight reflex kicked in and I started acting rationally (kind of) and assessed the situation. I figured that this guy was pretty dumb since it had taken him at least a half an hour to break in and so he would probably be scared if someone opened the door with a knife.
That is how one I was super glad I hadn't called the cops about a break-in because I would have looked super dumb, two I have a tendency to fight not flight, and three I need to invest in a baseball bat just in case someone actually does break in.

This link shows a good diagram of the autonomic nervous system and points out the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system.

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