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Hi all! I just read Professor Wlaschin's email regarding blogs and thought that a how-to post with lots of pictures might be useful for people who are completely lost.

I think that the main issue is that people are going directly to then clicking on this button in order to create posts:


This does work, but the user interface isn't particularly inviting and doesn't allow for editing or insertion of images without code. Here's what I'm referring to:


Sooo..instead of going directly to the section blog's URL, go to to sign in. There are at least two "sign in" links on the Uthink homepage - one in the upper right-hand corner and one in the gold box on the left. They look like this:




When you sign in, your dashboard should pop up. It looks like this:


In order to create a new post, click on the "System Overview" button right under the University of Minnesota logo on the top of the page and select "Section 24 PSY 1001pub." Then, either hover over the "Create" button on the toolbar and click on "Entry" when it appears OR click on the orange-ish "Write Entry" button near the top of the screen. Here's a quick screenshot of the process:


You should now see the "Create Entry" screen. You can either type up your post there or copy-and-paste it from a separate word processor. Screenshot:


Don't forget to mark which category you'd like your post to be in - just check the appropriate box on the bottom-right corner of the screen:


You can use the toolbar to add/edit images, change formatting, and so on and so forth. Here's a screenshot of that - notice image button on right and formatting buttons on left.


I know that some people were having issues uploading images and/or had "ugly" links in their posts - in that case, I'd recommend uploading the photos you'd like to use to Photobucket or a similar free image-storing site. Then, grab the URL of the image and use HTML to insert it into your post. Here are a couple of screen-shots of the process:


and the code (sorry it's in image format..easier to display):


For those having issues posting videos, it's SUPER easy to embed video via Youtube (and far more effective than posting a link that very few people will summon the motivation to click on). Just find the video you're looking for on youtube, click on the "share" button under it, then click on the "embed" button. Copy and paste the code into your blog post and you're good to go. For example, this:


will yield this:

If you have any questions about HTML, I'd recommend checking out The blogging platform used here is Movable Type, but I didn't find their site particularly helpful or informative. Here's a link regardless.

Anyways, moving on to editing posts:

To manage your posts, hover over the button on the toolbar which says "Manage" then click on "Entries" when the drop-down menu appears. At this point, your screen should look like this:


You should then be able to click on the title of your post to begin editing. If you're having difficulty finding your post(s) or wish to find a certain person's posts, you can edit your viewing preferences to reflect that:


Last but not least, you can change the name/picture displayed on your blog from the preset values. To do this, simply click on your name/ID in the upper-right-hand corner of the page:


That will bring you to this screen, which should (hopefully) be self-explanatory:


Hopefully that's somewhat helpful. Let me know if anything's unclear and I'll edit/add things as necessary.


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Hi Teresa,

Many thanks for taking time to do this for your fellow students. The screen shots are particularly helpful for all us visual learners.

I did not know about Photobucket and will try it out.

My method is simply to either take a photo or grab one from the web and save it to a file on my hard drive. I usually save all images as .jpgs but other formats work for blogs such as .png or .giff.

Then I select the box on the toolbar- second from the far right that has a bit of green outline of a diamond shape in it. That allows you to upload an image. Then it takes you to a menu that either allows you to select among the images that are uploaded to the blog already or choose one from your computer. I then just direct the chooser to the file where it is located and then click on it to select.

The dashboard then asks you to upload and, viola the image with all the html code is placed in the body of your text.

There is one more step where you can choose how to align the photo. Always preview the photo and see how it looks on your post. Often you imported a photo that is too big and overwhelms your post. You can go back in the html code (I know this sounds scary for some but stay with me here) and change the size of the photo by adjusting the width and height. Just look for those terms in the html code that has the title of your photo in it.

html code begins with this sign you should see something like height = 300, width=200 with all the other code for alignment instructions. To make twice as small just change to height = 150, width = 100.

Hope this helps. Thanks again Teresa!

Thanks for taking the time to do this, it's very helpful.

the verve. good choice. helpful tutorial too, thanks!

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