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This topic is close to my heart, as I placed my son for adoption 5 years ago. I was very eager to learn more about this phenomenon after we spoke about it in class and dove right in to compare any similarities or dissimilarities with my personal situation. Adoption studies can be an integral part of learning more about nature versus nurture and my real life example will put this theory to the test.

An interesting turn of events is that Jack (my son) turned out to look very similar to his adoptive parents, almost more than me which is quite odd. His adoptive father and him will be in the supermarket and people will stop them to complement how much they look alike (it must be the blond hair and blue eyes). This could be a coincidence or a product of his environment affecting how he looks. I am not the only person who thinks that there is some sort of correlation with biological and environmental factors.


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This is very interesting to me because I too seem to run into the same problem. My dad is actually my step-dad and when we are out in public together, people always stop to say how much we look alike. Little do they know, I'm not biologically his. But people also say the same thing when I am next to my mom, and when my brother is next to either of my parents the same thing happens once more. I think it really all is a matter of comparing when someone is directly next to someone else. Your son may look similar to his adoptive family, but that may also be because you haven't seen a picture of you and him in close contact. Or maybe you have, I am unsure! But I really do believe in situations like this that it all boils down to who you are standing/sitting next to. It seems that people will find things that look similar on people whether they are related or not! It's quite funny!

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